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DevelopA Helps You Transform Your Future Through Property Investment


Unlock the nuanced secrets of real estate triumph with our distinguished and structured mentorship programs. Immerse yourself in profound insights from seasoned professionals, curated exclusively for your success.

Mentoring & Guidance

Elevate your real estate endeavors with bespoke, personalized mentorship from DevelopA. Navigate challenges with the precision of expert guidance, refining your skills to ascend to the pinnacle of the industry.

Co-Investment Participation

Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of DevelopA’s co-investment realm. Explore unique opportunities to collaborate on high-potential properties, transcending traditional investment boundaries and realising your investment goals through our unique platform.

DevelopA’s Signature Courses

Unlock Your Financial Potential with DevelopA’s Signature Course

Learn, Invest, and Thrive with Expert Guidance and
Proven Strategies

Are you ready to revolutionize your financial future?

At DevelopA, we offer you an unprecedented gateway into the lucrative world of real estate development. Our signature courses are more than mere lectures; they are transformative educational experiences that equip you with the real-world knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Designed by seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience who don’t just teach but actively invest in real estate, our courses provide a comprehensive, real-world approach to mastering the various aspects of real estate investment—from sourcing and analyzing deals to managing assets and scaling your portfolio. You will learn by doing and transform yourself in the process.

With DevelopA, you’re not just learning; you’re applying. Our unique platform allows you to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice alongside experienced investors. Get real-world experience while generating real wealth, all under the mentorship of industry experts.

Here’s what sets DevelopA courses apart:

  • Expert-Led Modules: Learn from the industry’s best and brightest.
  • Practical, Hands-On Training: Apply lessons in real-time, on real projects.
  • Interactive Community: Engage with a network of like-minded individuals who share your ambition.
  • Flexible Learning: Access courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Don’t miss the chance to transform your life through education and real-world investment opportunities. Enroll today and start building a future filled with financial freedom and success.
What’s covered in the course:

MODULE 1 – Launch: Know your Outcomes & Blueprint for Success

MODULE 2 – Fundamentals the Pros know and Use

MODULE 3 – Creating Your Edge

MODULE 4 – Conducting a Successful Search

MODULE 5 – Skilfully Analysing Deals

MODULE 6 – Landing Your Deal and Delivering it

MODULE 7 – Creating a Winning Mindset and Environment

MODULE 8 – The Next Level: How to Make this Work as your New Life

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What Our Students Are Saying

“Doing DevelopA can get people in a development project quickly and run the project while guiding them through first-hand experience with lots of learnings along the way. A great way to get involved and gain confidence in the development process. I’ve had some good realizations and lightbulb moments both personally and strategically.

Topics such as creating my winning environment/inner circle, how to approach mentors for advice or other experienced people for their expertise, how to create long term relationships with agents etc. I’m finding the mentoring experience great, and I’ve learned different perspectives and ideas on the development process and mindset.

This has opened my mind with ways to access many more development opportunities that I wouldn’t have before. The weekly group calls are a great way for everyone at any experience level to get involved and learn about the topics and projects”

“We joined DevelopA after having tried a few other investment programs. The biggest difference for us was the personalized approach and Lynne’s level of communication. She was open, honest and available at all times. She heard our concerns and talked us through the risks and opportunities available in a way that we understood and felt comfortable.

We have met like-minded people and stretched our knowledge. Each session with DevelopA brings new views and plenty of celebration of the wins of the group.

We would recommend DevelopA for people who are after real, honest and strategic support in their investment journey. Lynne and Ronan are a great team and bring to the table a mix of business and property knowledge that is immeasurable.”

“I love that the DevelopA Mentoring Program has its foundations in theory but its focus is on practical skills based on open shared learning experiences. It’s a privilege being part of this great DevelopA Mentoring Program. I don’t believe there would be any other program that provides an opportunity for personal growth while providing opportunities to earn an income.”

Our Core Values

We’re committed to making a meaningful difference in your life.

Ready to Transform Your Financial Future?

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